The Andalusian Association of Forest and Landscape Companies (AAEF) is anemployers’ organisation founded in 1989 with the objective of supporting the forestry and landscaping sectors in Andalusia. The evolution of the Association in recent years has enabled it to assume a privileged position within its sector, both within Andalusia and further afield. Pioneering projects have been the cornerstone of these years ofprofessional recognition. After more than 25years of operation it is an industry benchmarkat both the regionaland national level, and its member companies arethe most prominentandsought afterin the sector.

AAEF has a modern vision of Andalusian woodlands that considers the Andalusian countrysideto bea strategic axisof the economic, social and environmental recovery of our region. To achieve this, WE BELIEVE it necessary to reevaluate this territory, all the while maximising sustainable rural development and the considerate use of resources, prioritising conservation activities and improving its ecosystems. ONLY BY DOING SO WILL WE ACHIEVE THE TRUE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ANDALUSIA DESERVES. 

The Association highlights this line of action in all the forums in which it participates, because genuine interest in its sustainabiity can only be built on the basis of achieving a certain economic return.